The simplest way to savor an incredible Swedish Smörgåsbord

The Swedes know how to do a buffet. Smörgåsbord literally means sandwich table. But what I had at the Veranda in the Grand Hotel on a sunny, but cold, Stockholm day was way beyond this. I was traveling with a friend on this trip, and we definitely wanted to have a proper Swedish meal here. Sidenote: We couldn’t afford to stay in the hotel but figured we could treat ourselves to one superb meal while on Easter holiday break from our PhD studies. Splurging a bit on a nice meal while traveling is an excellent way to indulge without spending a fortune. As I learned, the best way to savor a Swedish Smörgåsbord is to show up early and follow the rules.

Now, join me as I experience a traditional smörgåsbord at the Veranda! Let’s set the scene, shall we?

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