The Most Beautiful Café in Budapest

Like so many tourist destinations, there are many restaurants to choose from in Budapest. We ended up not consulting TripAdvisor or similar online crowd-sourced  opinions for places to eat. Instead, we opted to ask the experts – the locals – and who best to recommend than the staff at the check-in desk at the hotel. Well, this turned out to be a terrible decision! Read More »

Budapest, Hungary in the Summertime: Arrival & Hotel

Budapest in the summer is extremely hot. In early June, the temperature rose to almost 90F every day, making traveling to and from Budapest quite an adventure!

Traveling by train is probably the best option because the seats are comfortable and the temperature is not too warm or cold, making the long journey from Prague (almost a 7 hour train ride!!) a pleasant one. Plus, the cost was only 20€, can you believe it?? The train from Boston to New York, about a four hour train ride, costs almost 4x that amount.

Seven hours later, we’ve finally arrived at the Budapest Keleti railway station.Read More »