Ideal places to write a thesis

One of my main motivations for starting this blog was to show how it’s possible to travel AND get a PhD – and combining the two definitely helps to keep away the stress of research and writing!

While traveling, there were many places I visited where I thought were perfect for doing some heavy-duty writing. Some because it provided inspiration and beauty, others because of its impressiveness and refinement. I hope these places help you find some inspiration for finding the perfect spot to write!

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Traveling ON Your Birthday

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Just over 3,000 miles to get home! (image source: Google Maps)

Many of us travel to celebrate special occasions, especially birthdays, but what if you had to travel ON your birthday? As in, spend most of the day on a bus, train, and plane? Sometimes the need to save money and book flights with optimal departure and arrival times results in spending a significant time traveling on one’s birthday. This is exactly what I had to recently consider when I was booking my trip back to the US from the UK. So what was it like spending my birthday basically alone, taking on various modes of transportation, and traveling over 3,000 miles? Join me as I relive this not-so-bad day!Read More »

What to expect when you apply for the Tier 4 General UK student visa

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Let’s be honest, it’s probably a lot cheaper and a lot less of a hassle to find a PhD program in the country you live in. You potentially have to spend money visiting the school, and then there are also the flight, overweight baggage fees, and international student tuition costs to consider.  Even before all of that, there are essential forms you need to fill out to obtain your student visa.  But don’t despair!  It’s a daunting process, but it can be broken down into manageable steps.  This post will hopefully shed some light into this complicated process.

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