Welcome to Passport to PhD! 

I recently studied abroad in the UK for my PhD. From the beginning, I really had no idea of the process for studying abroad or just how much I had to learn about UK culture, even though it’s an English-speaking country. From modifying the spelling of common words to figuring out the NHS system, there was a lot to learn. However, after about a year of living in the UK, I eventually felt like a bona fide UK resident!

Throughout it all, I had the PhD looming over me. I know just how overwhelming the PhD process is, but taking short holidays throughout the experience helped to make it a more pleasant journey – studying abroad, along with traveling and taking the time to enjoy other cultures and destinations, may even make you feel like your PhD is one long vacation!

If you found this website, then you either are thinking about pursuing a PhD, are already a PhD student, or want some advice about traveling on a student budget.  Even if you’re none of those, you might be still interested in my posts, so thanks for stopping by!



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    • Hi! Thanks for your questions. Traveling around Iceland is very convenient, especially since you don’t have to drive so far out of the Reykjavik to experience the gorgeous nature! In my opinion, Icelanders have a tough exterior but once you get to know them, they are super warm, sarcastic, funny, and hospitable. If you haven’t visited yet, I highly recommend it!


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