Let’s Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC! – Part 4: Pleasant Surprises

In Part 3, we visited the Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing. In this post, I’ll talk about some of the cool rooms and unique exhibits at the Met. Every museum must have something unexpected and awe-inspiring displayed, it’s why visitors keep returning for another visit! The Met is no exception. Let’s see what interesting things it has to offer!


Right after one of the Ticket Desks (and after you show your admissions sticker) is this room to your left. If you read Part 3, you notice I mentioned how sparse the Temple of Dendur room was. This room was similar spacious and airy so visitors could focus on the architecture and statues. And what a stunning room it is! It features a marble patio from a Renaissance castle in Andalucía, Spain.


Wandering around the museum, we happened upon this completely different room. I’ve visited many churches and cathedrals in Europe, and this room transported me back there.

This is a medieval gate located in the Medieval Court.



Next, we’re transported to the Middle East as we wander around the Islamic galleries and view the intricate and beautiful art.



Everything is so amazing!



I wonder how long it took to create this ceiling?


The Damascus Room:


In yet still another completely different experience, we ventured to the bamboo exhibit and found this large yet delicate exhibit.


Adjacent to this room, all by itself, is the glass deer. This was completely unexpected, especially next to galleries displaying bamboo!



Another bright and airy room is the American Wing, where the American Art Cafe is located. There’s so much to look at here, from the sculptures to the various architectural styles!


Simply gorgeous!


After my trip, I found this article on the 15 unexpected things to see at the Met and many of the exhibits I wrote about are included. I missed quite a few things thought so I’ll have to go back 🙂 It’s nice to know that the authors of that article also were impressed by so many pleasant surprises at the Met.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some pleasant surprises during my trip to the Met! What was your favorite surprise at the Met? Thanks for reading!


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