Punting and Lunch in Cambridge

Once I moved to the UK, I was very intrigued by the boats there called punts. They seemed like such a perfect match for the UK’s tranquil and relaxed way of life – at least in the countryside! Similar types of boats I was used to in the US like kayaks and row boats all require exerting a lot of energy to get around. Plus, there’s not much else to see in a lake or river besides greenery and animals – not that that’s a bad thing at all! However, wouldn’t you rather be relaxing on a boat while someone else paddles? 🙂 When you add in historic sites like the University of Cambridge and its gorgeous campus, you really can’t beat it!


The city of Cambridge is a very walkable city. It’s easy to spend hours just wandering amongst all the stunning architecture and hallowed grounds.


Even though many tourists visit Cambridge every day, it wasn’t crowded or noisy. You can tell lots of students live here by all the bicycles lining the sidewalks!


One thing that surprised me was that they were really strict about not walking on the well-manicured grass on campus.


This is the famous Corpus Clock with the huge grasshopper at Corpus Christi College, which was unveiled in 2008 by Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking.


Who wouldn’t be inspired to study all day if this was the building that greeted you every morning?



Even though eating at restaurants in the UK can be expensive on a student budget, you can usually find a good deal during lunch by looking at the menus and boards outside of the restaurant.

An Italian place had a really good set menu for only £6.95, so it was a no-brainer to stop here for lunch.



The salad was really fresh and delicious, even though it was made from simple ingredients.


We weren’t in Italy, but the pasta was very good! That tomato sauce rivaled any pasta dish I’ve eaten in Rome or Florence – it was soooo good! All in all, what a bargain for only £6.95!


After lunch it was time to do some more sightseeing in Cambridge.




Similar to Paris, there are so many paths to take, and each path is picture-perfect!



Even though there’s so much to see on foot, you shouldn’t miss out on the unique experience of punting along the river.


There are lots of punting boats available, so don’t worry if you have a big group or if you see a lot of boats already in use.


Punting allows for some different views of the campus. You can cross a bridge on foot, but here you get to leisurely  float under many bridges and archways. It’s really a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon!



If it’s a chilly day, they provide some warm blankets for you to use.







This is definitely my favorite bridge in Cambridge, it’s just so ornate! Plus, it’s so practical and allows students to access adjacent buildings regardless of the weather.




It was so picturesque here, and every picture was like a postcard:



Cambridge doesn’t do anything half-way. Case-in-point: the ivy-covered walls of one of their buildings!




All in all, this was the perfect way to see and appreciate all that Cambridge has to offer.

Have you been punting in the UK before? How did you like it? Thanks for reading!


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