Ideal places to write a thesis

One of my main motivations for starting this blog was to show how it’s possible to travel AND get a PhD – and combining the two definitely helps to keep away the stress of research and writing!

While traveling, there were many places I visited where I thought were perfect for doing some heavy-duty writing. Some because it provided inspiration and beauty, others because of its impressiveness and refinement. I hope these places help you find some inspiration for finding the perfect spot to write!


La Boutique du Fleuriste in Paris

I previously wrote about Emilio Robba Studio, a unique and beautiful shop in Galerie Vivienne and briefly mentioned the florist section of it downstairs. The thought that stands out to me is that I absolutely wished I could write my PhD here amongst the beauty and stillness of the flowers. I thought it was the perfect place to seek inspiration when I experience writer’s block or longed to be outside surrounded by nature.


Here, I would have the quiet I needed to write, but still be surrounded by beauty and inspiration. How I wished I could place a desk right in the middle of the shop and start writing! This place could definitely charge writers by the hour to keep an office here.


While I would prefer to write in the rooms with all white flowers, whenever I need a break I could wander to adjacent rooms and marvel at the glorious colors. See, inspiration everywhere!


They even had flowers displayed in little alcoves in the ceiling!


While this definitely is a beautiful and whimsical place to write, sometimes I just need a more serious place to concentrate. This leads me to my next ideal place to write:

Dumbledore’s office in the UK

Since this DOES exist via the Warner Bros Studio Tour London, I think it still counts!

Surrounded by imposing architecture, tons of books with a staircase to reach those high shelves, and a large desk perfect for a computer and all the papers I need to reference, this would be a perfect place to write a thesis. Plus, maybe some of that magic could help with editing and finding resources!

The Pensieve is also located in Dumbledore’s office, and what better way to recall research methodologies and sources I used than having this conveniently only a few steps away.

Where memories are stored
The pensieve

These places are great, but what about places in the US? I’ve got just the ideal place to write!

Boston Public Library

Somewhere a little closer to home, yet still reminiscent of Europe, is this gem of a courtyard within the Boston Public Library.

Every time I visit here, the courtyard has been quiet as most people are respectful that they are still within the library’s grounds, even though they’re outdoors. This means that you’ll usually find it quiet enough to write at one of the many wrought-iron tables and chairs that can be found in the arcade surrounding the gorgeous fountain right in the middle.


Every once in a while, you can glance up from your laptop to take in the serenity and architecture, and once inspired, go back to writing your thesis!


The arcade also provides the perfect respite from the elements, whether it’s the glare of the sun or a sudden rainstorm. You can keep writing knowing that no matter the weather, you don’t have to leave this perfect spot.


I hope this provides some inspiration for when you write! Where are your favorite or ideal places to write? Thanks for reading!


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