When Trip Expectations Aren’t Met: Visiting Dublin’s Cliffs of Moher When it’s Raining

It’s been pouring rain here for the last 24 hours, and that reminded me of my trip to Dublin and the Cliffs of Moher where the rain unexpectedly caused our views to be nonexistent.

Have you ever planned a trip where you were so excited to visit a specific place, but then on the day of your visit, it’s pouring rain with absolutely no visibility due to thick fog. That’s what happened on my trip to Dublin, specifically on the day I was visiting the Cliffs of Moher.  I had seen beautiful photos online, so I was looking forward to seeing the beauty of that landscape in person. However, Mother Nature had different plans.


The day started off pretty good; it was foggy but still plenty of light out. However, as we made our way to the Cliffs of Moher in the afternoon, this is what we were greeted with:


We could barely see anything two feet away!


Seriously, this is my vision when I don’t wear my contacts or glasses!

Not only was the fog really dense, but it started to rain pretty heavily as well. Since it was the summer, most of us were wearing light coats. I had a hood on my jacket, but the rain soaked right through.

We definitely had to make the best of our trip, so despite wanting to stay in the warm visitor’s center, we walked the route suggested on the map above.


It was difficult to appreciate even the architecture when I was freezing cold (in the summer)!


Luckily there were plenty of signs and safety warnings for people. It’s even more dangerous in the rain and fog since it was difficult to see where the cliffs ended.


Instead of a relaxing scenic walk like I planned, this felt more like a trek up a treacherous mountain in the winter, the strong wind trying to push us in the opposite direction.







After walking a bit, we decided to head back in the other direction towards the visitor’s centre. It was just too cold and rainy to stay out there without the proper outerwear, and we couldn’t see much anyway.

It was definitely disappointing not to see any of the landscape that I was looking forward to seeing, but on the bright side, it gives me another reason to come back and visit! Ireland is close to the UK, yet I didn’t even think that they might have similar rainy weather as the UK. If you plan your trip in advance, it’s hard to predict what the weather will be like when you’re outdoors. On the contrary, both my trips to Stonehenge were on days that were sunny and rain-free.

Have you had trips where weather put a damper on your plans? I hope you made the best of it! Thanks for reading!


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