Prague is a Fairy Tale: The Most Beautiful Old Town in the World


Located in the Czech Republic, I was hesitant at first to visit Prague because I didn’t know much about it, and I didn’t know anyone who had traveled there. Due to this, it seemed quite exotic, much more so than Asia to be honest! Even though I  traveled here not knowing much about the country, other than the research I did about touristy places to see, I left feeling that Prague was really welcoming. Plus, it truly had one of the most beautiful Old Towns in the world. If you haven’t visited Prague yet, let’s see if it’s true!

Arriving at Prague’s train station, I really felt like I was in a foreign country. I guess seeing cities like London, Paris, Rome, Munich, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Manila represented in film and tv made them less “foreign” to me when I visited, so at least I felt some familiarity in things like the architecture and language. Seeing signs in Czech was very unfamiliar and discombobulating!


It was easy to navigate Prague and use their public transportation. We opted to book a hop-on, hop-off bus at our hotel to ensure that we saw all the main sights and cover the most ground since we only had a few days here. One of the drawbacks of this type of transportation is that the bus makes a huge loop, so depending on the stop you get on, it might be awhile until you arrive at your sightseeing destination.

Such was the case on this trip! We’d pass by sights that looked interesting from a distance, but we wouldn’t be arriving there until a few stops later.


Finally, the bus driver yelled out “This stop for Old Town!” and off we went!

The first glimpse I got of Prague’s Old Town was this:


Pretty impressive! I loved the mix of architectures, colors, and shapes. It was a really hot day (over 90 degrees F) and the city made sure that there was a truck spraying water for everyone to cool off in, which is why some of the ground is wet.

Standing in the same spot and turning in every direction, there was something marvelous to see!



Walking closer to the buildings, one can really appreciate the details, not to mention the cleanliness – yup, everything in the Old Town was very clean.


The people who get to see this everyday are so lucky!


This really felt like a town square where everyone congregates to eat, shop, and meet friends.  While it might be called Old Town because of its history, everything was so well-preserved.



I finally spot the astronomical clock, which is over 600 years old!



I can’t begin to describe just how beautiful it is here, even the pictures don’t quite capture its beauty. When each building is painted a different color, has a different design, and includes unique details in their windows and doors, it’s like visiting an outdoor museum (for free!). I love Disney World and Disneyland, and the architecture here reminds me of the architecture in Fantasyland because it’s so colorful, charming, and thoughtfully-designed.

I feel like fairy tales take place here! The good kind that ends in happily ever after 🙂




The narrow paths and tall buildings do give some shade on this blisteringly hot day.


There were many restaurants located in Old Town, but expect to pay much higher prices if you eat here. I guess the view is priceless though!




Close-up of the detail on one of the buildings – every one is a work of art!


From Old Town, it’s very walkable to other pretty sections of Prague.



You’ll find even more unique buildings surrounding that main square.




Back to the Old Town! The white van is actually the vehicle we used for the hop-on, hop-off tour, I think because there weren’t enough people booked to use the whole bus.


Yup, you’ll even find horse-drawn carriages here, just like in a fairy-tale!

P1210377 copy.jpg

Don’t forget to stop and watch the show at the clock! Every hour, “The Walk of the Apostles” occurs where moving statues come out of the clock.



Finally time to have some lunch under the reprieve of the umbrellas provided by the restaurant.



The restaurants are kind enough to offer the menu items alongside descriptions in many languages.


I hope you enjoyed seeing Prague’s Old Town! What do you think? Is it the most beautiful Old Town in the world? It certainly exceeded my expectations, that’s for sure!




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