Winter/Spring in One Image: Dual Climates in Lucerne, Switzerland

Unique view at the top of Mt. Rigi

Happy New Year Everyone!

I intended to take just a brief hiatus while I started a new job, but moving and settling in took much longer than expected. But now it’s back to blogging about traveling!

Today it’s going to snow much of the day, and this reminded me of my trip to Lucerne and the beautiful, unique view I had at the top of Mt. Riji. Come join me as we travel by train up a Swiss mountain!

First stop, the train station where we board this cute cogwheel train up to the top of the mountain.


On the way to the top, the scenery was gorgeous!

The charming architecture against the shimmery blue Lake Lucerne was picture perfect that day, with clear blue skies.




Going higher on the mountain, the buildings became fewer but the greenery was so vibrant.


The train travels so close to some houses, it’s like you’re practically in people’s backyards!


Much fewer houses at this point in our journey, but the view is breathtaking!



On the way up the atmosphere started to change from the vibrant green landscape to one that was snowy and foggy.


We passed by a sign showing both the winter and summer trails for walking at Mt. Rigi – I didn’t know yet that I’d get to see firsthand both climates from the top of the mountain!


Soon the air became so dense with fog that we coudn’t see past the side of the mountains anymore. The landscape that was serene and inspiring quickly changed to one that could be quite scary for those that hike on the mountain.



We’ve finally arrived at the top of Mt. Rigi! The views are back to being clear and the visibility is pretty good.


Looking out in the distance, you might even think we’re above the clouds.


Walking around the top of the mountain, I see the landscape that just takes my breath away: the juxtuposition of the snowy mountaintop against the bright greens and blues of the landscape below. Both beautiful and peaceful images, but striking in the feelings they invoke.


If there wasn’t so much snow here, I’d like to sit on the ledge and just soak in the view of the lake and surrounding landscapes.


One last view before we board the train and head back down the mountain!

Sigh, Lucerne really is a beautiful place to visit, whether you travel there during the winter or summer. Sometimes, you are lucky enough to experience both seasons!


I hope you enjoyed visiting Lucerne! Have you visited before? Let me know about your trip in the comments!


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