The Most Whimsical Shop in Paris

Paris has so many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. While the touristy-spots are absolutely well worth your time, after you’ve seen it all, why not venture off the beaten path and see other beautiful and historical places?

One such place is Galerie Vivienne. Paris has many covered passages/arcades that might not be so obvious to tourists, but Galerie Vivienne is the most well-known and the most luxurious.

It is here that we’ll find the most whimsical shop in Paris (or so I deemed it as I’ve never seen any shop like it). Let’s take a look!

Galerie Vivienne is not too difficult to find. Taking the Bourse Metro stop, there are three entrances found at rue Vivienne, rue des Petits-Champs, and rue de la Banque.

Nondescript entrance to Galerie Vivienne

You’ll have to really look for the entrance to Galerie Vivienne, as its plain exterior belies the grandour inside. If I didn’t know about this place, I would have just walked on by thinking this was nothing special…and boy, would I be wrong.

Full of mosaics, imposing architecture, and high end boutiques, Galerie Vivienne is a perfect place to window shop and soak in Parisian culture and history.


Iconic passage – so beautiful and classy!


A practical shop in Galerie Vivienne.


An example of one of the many beautiful boutique entrances found at Galerie Vivienne. It was the holidays and this shop went all out on decorations.


Continuing the walk down one of the passages, one of the boutiques catches my eye so I step inside to check it out. This shop sure knew how to draw in the curious passerby.


This place is amazing and so unlike any shop I’ve seen in Paris.

It’s like I’m Alice and I fell into some strange French Wonderland!

This boutique, called Emilio Robba Studio, is not only whimsical, but just like the other shops at Galerie Vivienne, it’s also absolutely stunning. It’s a shop that I can browse for hours and find something new to look at.

Can I live here???

How to describe this boutique…well, it makes works of art out of artificial flowers and plants.

This scene is what drew me into the store:

A work of art too beautiful to sit on…

Flowers and plants covered tables, regal chairs, and bicycles.

Animals were created from plants and bark. The walls were even covered with bamboo, plants, and animal heads!


I ventured downstairs to see if there was more of the same. However, it was a completely different environment, more peaceful rather than vibrant and fanciful.

The lower level sells gorgeous displays of artificial flowers, sometimes organized by color.



I could also live in this area of the boutique, but as a place to do my thesis writing.

It was just so serene and quiet, all I needed was a desk, a comfortable chair, my laptop, and my papers, and my literature review would have been written in half the time.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Galerie Vivienne! If you’ve visited here before, please share your experience in the comments!


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