Parks of Paris: Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg

This spring-like weather is making me wistful for spring in Paris, where the flowers are in full bloom, the fountains are crowded with families sailing their toy boats, and the colors are vibrant and diverse, from the glorious blue of the sky, the reds, pinks, yellows, and purples of the flowers, and the greens of the lush gardens and grass.

Paris is the perfect place to visit if you love gardens and parks, since it offers so many beautifully maintained parks.

Today, let’s visit the grandest, most impressive park in Paris, the Jardin du Luxembourg, my own personal favorite out of all the parks in Paris.


First, how can this garden not be beautiful, I mean, it has the word “luxe” in its name!

Jardin du Luxembourg Palace

Many statues can be found in the park, making it seem like the world’s best (and free!) outdoor museum. Let’s wander around and see how many we can find.







There are so many places to sit and relax in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

There is plenty of seating alongside the fountains where you can watch families sailing their toy boats.


Chairs are also scattered around the gardens in various groupings, but they can be moved depending on how many people are in your party or the view you’d like of the garden.


The gardens are so expansive that there’s plenty of room to relax and enjoy the park.

Bring a book, listen to music on your iPod, or just people watch. Any of these activities is sure to leave you calm and content.


Find the right seat, and you can even glimpse the Eiffel Tower in the distance! This is a sure reminder that even though this may be a peaceful break from touring, you’re definitely still in Paris!


Feeling rejuvenated, exit the park to the right side of Luxembourg Palace for another amazing, museum-quality sight:  Medici Fountain!

Medici Fountain – truly breathtaking in person


There are even chairs alongside the fountain, offering another beautiful view within the park.


P1080474Strolling around the Jardin du Luxembourg – definitely not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Can you believe this is all free? The Parisians who can visit the Jardin du Luxembourg every day are really lucky to call this their neighborhood park.

What’s your favorite place to visit in Paris?  Is it one of the parks? Let us know in the comments!


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